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Slash EMI provides Home Loan interest-rate alerts

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Why Slash EMI

Rates keep Changing

Monthly updated rate

Home Loan rates across lenders keep changing. And that presents an opportunity to switch or renegotiate.

You are too busy

Get regular Alerts

Most Home Loan owners we spoke to, are too busy to track Loan rates regularly. We understand this.

Opportunity to save

Projected Savings

Home Loan EMIs are a big outflow. An opporutnity to reduce the EMI is a real opportunity to save.

Decide smartly

Personalized Calculations

Home Loan transfer takes time and effort. We calculate the savings so you decide if its worth a switch.

Home Loan Rate Alerts

Monthly alerts with updated Home Loan rates.

So that you don't have to track interest rates.

Pre-Calculated for your Loan.

Savings estimated for each option, so you can decide easily.

Stay EMI Healthy.

Keep your home loan at best rate. Always.

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What our customers say


Absolutely remarkable experience and wonderful functionality. Easy to use and results on how much can you save on your loans would astonish you. I saved around 15k a month. Would highly recommend it to everyone..


Simple and powerful. Had no clue that we could save so much by shifting my loan. I had always thought it to be too cumbersome a process. The potential savings shown by Slash EMI got me motivated.


Love the monthly emailer with refreshed rates and estimated savings. I feel happy every month that my mortgage rates are still amongst the lowest. Also, that in the next few years whenever I need to switch, I would not miss it.

FAQs on Slash EMI

Every month, you will recieve an alert with Loan rates from across the lenders. Moreover, these rates would have been applied on your outstanding loan, to calculate the $$ and tenure savings, you may get from the switch.
Use these alerts to
1. Decide when to switch or
2. Re-negotiate with your existing lender

Completely agree. Switching a home loan is a considered decision. We do NOT recommend, a switch unless the cost-benefit analysis adds up.
Our members use the Slash EMI reports smartly in two ways

  • Negotiate with your existing lender. The market rates empower you in your discussions
  • Choose when to switch - our reports recommend when the rate difference is significant.

Post Apr 2016, the new loans are on MCLR + spread. Ealier loans (if not shifted) would still be on Base Rates.
The rates we track are the best rates from the lender - typically rates available to consumers with high CIBIL/Bureau scores.

Currently No. But within a few months, Slash EMI will also provide loan switch assistance in top 8 cities of India.
Note: We will NOT sell leads to banks/DSAs without your explicit interest in a switch.
Also, with personalized offers, we get lenders to bid on anyonymized loan details, your personal information is NOT shared.

We are a unique club of high value home onwers who also have high CIBIL score. Membership to this club will open up many opportunities for its members including - Personalized Loan offers from banks.

How Slash EMI Works

  • 1. Share Your Loan Details

    Share your current Home Loan Details, like bank, pending loan amount, tenure of the loan and current rate of interest etc.

  • 2. Activate your account

    Activate the Slash EMI service on your account. Zero Joining Fees.

  • 3. Get Monthly Reports

    Get monthly customized reports with detailed analysis indicating if switch needed or not. Also notifications as and when rate changes are announced.