Slash EMI Journey

We are building Slash EMI in a very open way !
We plan to share our challenges, ideas, strategy as far as possible, with our Linkedin and Twitter communities.
Building Openly is an experiment for us also, coz we believe that by sharing our story candidly, we would be able to get advocates, champions, well-wishers and not just customers. Let's see if this assumption is accurate.
This is our story.

Simply Subodh28th JuneOur target persona for those who feel the monthly pinch of EMI outflows
DealSeeker Dinesh26th JuneHow we want to serve the dealseekers
Meet Busy Bindu25th JuneOur key/1st target persona for Slash EMI
Building it openly !23rd JuneOur decision to build Slash EMI openly
Hello World!20th JuneSlash EMI goes live

Why Slash EMI

Rates keep Changing

Monthly updated rate

Home Loan rates across lenders keep changing. And that presents an opportunity to switch or renegotiate.

You are too busy

Get regular Alerts

Most Home Loan owners we spoke to, are too busy to track Loan rates regularly. We understand this.

Opportunity to save

Projected Savings

Home Loan EMIs are a big outflow. An opporutnity to reduce the EMI is a real opportunity to save.

Decide smartly

Personalized Calculations

Home Loan transfer takes time and effort. We calculate the savings so you decide if its worth a switch.